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2016 Editors Choice Winner
2016 1st Runner Up Range Category
2017 1st Runner Up Packaging Category

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dr.dermal is an award-winning cosmeceutical range that was developed by a passionate team of skin care professionals
to deliver pharmaceutical grade active ingredients to your skin in high concentrations to deliver noticeable
results after the first use. Our professional team balances our unique formulations so that while you receive the skin benefits of the active ingredients,
your skin is also nourished and conditioned to dramatically improve its overall health.

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We understand that when it comes to skin care there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach. That’s why our passionate team of skin care specialists has developed a diverse range of award-winning cosmeceuticals that are as unique as you are.


I've been using dr.dermal® for almost a month now. I can't say enough about how grateful I am for the products and how much they have helped me within a short space of time. I've always had a love/hate relationship with my skin. Always breaking out and usually oily in my T-zone. I've tried so many different products and wasted so much money on prodcuts that didn't work. When I found out about dr.dermal®, I was confident from the get go to add the Total Rejuvenation Plasma and Texture Correction Pads to my daily beauty routine. I have also gained skin knowledge and walk around owning my dr.dermal® glow thanks to the Total Rejuvenation Facial Mask!”

Umhlanga, Durban

I love the Plasma! Felt completely weightless, easy to apply, absorbed almost immediately with no greasy residue or feel. I enjoyed using the products - easy, no mess, no 'waiting-for-it-to-do-its-thing-time'. Great. Especially for someone like me who doesn't, and can't spend hours (even 20mins is too much) on decent, quality face care everyday. Awesome!

Cape Town, South Africa

I recently spent 4 days in the dry Drakensberg Mountains. Upon returning, I immediately used the dr.dermal® Rejuvenation mask and made sure to use the Rejuvenation Plasma. One day of use and my skin was back to being soft and recovered from the cold mountain air.

Umhlanga, Durban

I was amazed at the difference after just two applications – especially loved the Texture Correction Pads – you could feel it working! Thanks a lot and all the very best!

Sally B
Glenashley, Durban

Really enjoying my products so far!! So impressed with the Texture Correction Pads! The AHA in there is nice and active so I love the tingle. I’ve use it for 3 days and could really feel an improvement in my skin. My skin felt smoother and looked more even. I used the mask last night after I did a peel and it was really lovely!! So soothing and cooling to the skin!!

Empangeni, South Africa

I would like to compliment the dr.dermal® team on their level of commitment to business owners. Everything has been a pleasure, from the affordable pricing, beautiful packaging, sampling campaign and instantly accessible social media posts. Our clients are very excited about the improvement in their skins within a very short period of time

Brigit Filmer Spa & Skin, Gillitts, South Africa

Just wanted to say that I am delighted with the dr.dermal® range! I have probably tried every product out there for pigmentation and uneven skin tone, but with dr.dermal®, I am seeing a marked improvement. Well done on a great product and I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future. Thank you very, very much!

Umhlanga, Durban

The Total Rejuvenation Mask is pure indulgence; sophisticated compared to the thousands used in my salon! The Total Rejuvenation Plasma complements the treatment. I used it in conjunction with my cosmesotherapist photo regeneration machine. Thank you dr.dermal®!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Thanks for introducing Umhlanga Body & Beauty to dr.dermal®! We totally love it and some of our clients tried it and really saw a big difference in their skins with regards to improvement in texture & congestion; plus better complexion & suppleness. We have gained a good few new clients due to the introduction of dr.dermal®.... Having used the product myself I was amazed at how fast you see a difference in skin condition.

Umhlanga Body & Beauty, South Africa